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JCM Consulting Inc. History Clyde D. Johnson, President and owner of JCM Consulting, has extensive experience in employee selection and development. Clyde has provided consulting services to all types of businesses and franchises throughout the country since 1984. He founded JCM based on his extensive experience in a number of top management positions. He has more than 24 years of management experience in the automotive and consumer electronics fields. He served as Vice President of operations with one of the top ten consumer electronic retailers in the country with annual sales over $60 million. Previous to that he was employed for eleven years by one of the largest automobile dealers in the country, employing over 500 employees. This company was, by far, the largest dealer distributor of auto parts in the country. He was Director of Parts Sales while managing six profit centers and two companies.

JCM Consulting was based in Salt Lake City Utah for 23 years. We are now located 12 miles north in Bountiful Utah. The company was founded July 1, 1984, by Clyde Johnson, Alan Combs, and Rex Mulholland. JCM's original marketing concept was to provide companies with a loss prevention program to reduce employee theft. The program was effective and the company enjoyed success early on. Clyde Johnson, now the sole owner of JCM, has greatly expanded the original scope of the company. JCM has developed some innovative products to assist in the hiring and development of a company's most valuable assets, the employees.

One of the products developed by Clyde is the PEP Performance Evaluation Program. Development of DOS PEP began in 1986. After success with the DOS version, Clyde went on to develop and significantly expand PEP for windows. Another product, the ASD (Achievement Survey Developer) Program, was completed in 1993. Clyde conceived, wrote the initial computer programs, designed the unique forms, and marketed the PEP and ASD programs.

JCM now has a full complement of computerized human resource products and offers an excellent training program designed to teach owners and human resource directors in any size company to better hire and communicate with their employees. Products include PEP Performance Evaluation Program, ASD Achievement Survey Developer, PDP personality profile, Wonderlic Mental Ability, "ASSESS" Expert System, SalesMax Sales Position Selection, SELECT Associate Screening System for Customer Service and Production and Distribution, ORION Pre-Employment Assessment, and ORION Employee Opinion Surveys.

JCM has purposely acquired a very large and diverse client base. Over 500 companies have done business with us since 1984 and many of them continue to purchase products periodically. JCM has clients in almost every state, Canada, and Australia. Our client's employee base ranges from 5 to 5,000 employees doing all types of work. This diversity has helped us make our products universal and gives as better insight and creativity during product development.

Key to the most recent success of JCM was the addition of Clyde's wife Mitra Johnson Ph.D. to the staff in 1990. She was then and remains enthusiastic about the innovative programs at JCM. Her background in psychology and administrative education has been invaluable in the ongoing research and development of our products. While at the University of Utah she observed a real lack of vision and creativity at all levels of education, including university, concerning the performance evaluation process. Research through studies revealed the evaluation procedures used by business and the education systems were neither comprehensive nor objective. She feels that PEP is the answer to these problems and much more.

Clyde also provides lectures and seminars for a number of groups and associations throughout the country. Examples of this are the NADA (National Auto Dealers Association), IFA (International Franchise Association), WPMA (Western Petroleum Marketers), NAWGA/IFDA (National-American Wholesale Grocers' Association), Sanitone (Dry Cleaner's Association) and the Westminster College Institute of Human Resource Management.

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