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"ASSESS" Expert System

The Most cost-effective way to get a full
psychological assessment

Immediate results in your office

Professional support when you need us

"It's like having a
psychologist on staff."

Accurate, In-depth information
for your personnel decisions

Clear reports written for business

Easy to use computerized
scoring and reporting

The "ASSESS" system provides on-site testing and evaluation at your business using your PC. You can also send your candidates to our testing center and we will administer the test and provide you feedback on the results. Reports can then be faxed or e-mailed back to you. All "ASSESS" reports are written in a concise, straight forward manner and provide a detailed description of the candidate's:

Intellectual Abilities

Thinking Style

Work Approach and Motivations

Emotional Style

Interpersonal Style

"ASSESS" Selection Reports help employers evaluate candidates' assets and liabilities to determine job fit, performance potential and management needs. In addition to a complete profile, the report includes interview and reference probes for follow-up on potential problem areas.

"ASSESS" Screening Reports are shorter, more cost effective versions of the full Selection Report and are appropriate for use earlier in the selection process.

"ASSESS" Developmental Reports are written in a developmental tone so that the report can be given to the individual assessed. They provide constructive, objective feedback of assessment results, assets and potential liabilities, and specific developmental suggestions.

"ASSESS" Career Manager Reports are designed for career counseling situations where the candidate is considering a job or career change. Similar to the Developmental Report but also include suggestions to the candidate for managing their personality during a job search and for evaluating their personal fit to job.

With the release of ASSESS for the Internet in November 1998, candidates are now able to log on to our testing site from virtually anywhere around the world to take ASSESS. Client companies are able to manage their assessment database, evaluate candidates and print ASSESS Reports using any Internet connection. All ASSESS reports are written in a concise, straightforward manner and provide a detailed description of the candidate's Intellectual Abilities, Work Approach and Motivations, Thinking Style, Emotional Style and Interpersonal Style.

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