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We now offer the option to utilize the Advantage Database Client Server with PEP 2002, Performance Evaluation Program. The Advantage Client Server version is not mandatory to operate the PEP program, but it is highly recommended for organizations using more than five concurrent users. The Advantage Database local server version is superior to other common network databases such as Access, Dbase, or Paradox (see Client Server). Please contact JCM for more information.

Expensive SQL Back End packages are NOT the answer. Advantage Database Server does it all, whether you're using NetWare, Windows NT or the Internet! A scalable, seamless, high-performance DBMS, Advantage easily bring client/server benefits to mobile, networked and Internet networked database apps. By replacing standard PC database architecture with Advantage Database Server, you avoid the administration costs, training costs, and hardware upgrades required by other solutions.

How else is Advantage incredibly efficient? Well, its integrity system ensures that partial commands are not executed. That means index corruption is finally eliminated.

  • Protects database files against network failure and user error through a centralized storage management system.
  • Advantage Optimized Filters for increased performance.
  • Record level encryption to keep your data protected from prying eyes.
  • Read-Ahead Record Caching to further reduce network traffic.

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