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SELECT is a family of pre-employment tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for associate level jobs.
  SELECT combines high quality screening tools
  • Validated for specific jobs and industries
  • Predictive of Job Success
  • Developed by organizational psychologists
  • Concise reports with Interview Suggestions
  • EEOC/ADA compliant
  With state-of-the-art technology
  • PC-based, Internet, Intranet ready
  • Immediate results at your site
  • Easy database management
To help you hire the best people.
  • Improved Service
  • Increased Sales
  • Better Retention
  • Greater Productivity

To learn more about using SELECT in your hiring process, click on one of the icons below for the mht (slower to load but better quality) version. Left click to open if Microsoft Explorer is installed on your computer.

If you can do none of the above click the sample report for the html quick view version.

Receptionist report (MHT Version)
[sample report]
Administrative Support report (MHT Version)
Administrative Support
[sample report]
Customer Service with math (MHT version)
Customer Service
[sample report]
Hospitality report (MHT version)
[sample report]
Light Industrial report (MHT Version)
Light Industrial(Production & Distribution)
[sample report]
Retail Clerks/Cashiers report (MHT version)
Retail Clerks/Cashiers
[sample report]
Retail Sales Associates report (MHT version)
Retail Sales Associates
[sample report]
Entry-Level Retail Managers report (MHT version)
Entry-Level Retail Managers
[sample report]
Health Care report (MHT Version)
Health Care
[sample report]
Call Centers report (MHT version)
Call Centers
[sample report]
Help Desk report (MHT Version)
Help Desk Agents
[sample report (html version)]
Convenience Stores report (MHT version)
Convenience Stores
[sample report]
Leasing Agents report (MHT version)
Leasing Agents
[sample report]
Personal Services report (MHT version)
Personal Services
[sample report]
Staffing Call Center Suite report (MHT version) This is for all positions in a call center
Staffing Call Center Suite
[sample report]
Staffing Retail Combo report (MHT version)  Cashier/Clerk & Sales Associate
Staffing Retail Combo
[sample report]
Staffing/Light Industrial combo  report (MHT Version) Office/Administrative - Reception/Personal Services - Customer Service - Light Industrial
Staffing Office/Light
Industrial Combo
[sample report]
Staffing Call Center Suite report (MHT version) This is for all positions in a call center
Staffing Call Center Outbound Sales WO/CPB
[sample report]