Realistic Job Previews as part of an integrated pre-employment selection process
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What is a Realistic Job Preview?
A Realistic Job Preview (RJP) is any part of the selection process that gives the applicant a clear idea of what it will be like to work at the job if they are hired. The preview typically happens early in the selection process.

Why would you use an RJP?
The purpose of the RJP is to give the candidate as much information about the job as possible so that they can make an informed decision about their suitability for the job. In order for the RJP to be successful, it must objectively outline not only the positive aspects of the job, but also the potentially negative or unique aspects of the job as well.

For example, it should include information regarding shift work, special characteristics of the job, hours, specific requirements, a "typical" day on the job, etc.

Allow the candidate an opportunity to quit before he or she is hired.
For best effect, there should be a pause in the selection process after the RJP - to give the candidate an opportunity to think about those requirements he or she might not like or be able to fulfill. The idea is to allow the candidate an opportunity to quit before he or she is hired.

What type of RJP should you use?
There are a number of different Realistic Job Preview types - what works best for an organization depends on the nature of the job and the flexibility, resources, and goals of your selection process. Realistic job previews can take the form of work simulations, video presentations, or automated job information telephone systems.