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"SELECT" Associate Screening

SalesMax"SalesMax"  Pre-employment test for sales professionals
Pre-employment test for
Sales Professionals
"ORION"  Employee Selection and Opinion Survey
Employee Selection & Opinion Survey
Training at JCM training Center or Online
"ASSESS"  Management Selection and Development
Management Tool
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Strategic Success Modeling

SSM Strategic Success Modeling
"PDP"  Personality testing for selection, communication, and team building
P D P  
Solutions to many employee problems
  PREP Group     Sales Success & Training
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"Wonderlic"  Mental ability testing
Mental Ability Test
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Here at JCM Consulting, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and advanced employee selection and development tools. In this section of our web site you will see some of the most innovative and validated programs available. At JCM, we focus our efforts in three main areas:

  • TESTING: We have a number of innovative programs to test your applicants for honesty, work ethics, safety, mental ability and many other job related factors. Many clients prefer to administer these tests at their site and send the data in to us for computation. Our turnaround time is rapid and we can provide consultation of results to assist our clients. Others prefer to send their applicants to our in-house testing center for privacy and ease.

  • TRAINING: With many years of experience, we know training is a necessity for a company's thorough understanding and success with many of our programs. Therefore, we have monthly and bimonthly training sessions for PEP, Performance Evaluation Program, PDP, Personality Profile, and a Hiring Right Training session. We now offer the option of Internet on-line training. Please take a moment and look at our Training Programs section with agendas and current dates.

  • SOFTWARE: JCM Consulting offers a comprehensive library of employee selection and development tools. We have developmental tools to monitor and increase performance management (PEP). We have selection assistance tools for executives, sales, customer service, production and distribution, call centers, etc. These tools test your applicants for personality, honesty, work ethics, safety, customer services, sales skills, mental ability, and supervisory skills, to mention a few. Please look through each of our programs, they increase your chances of reducing turnover and improving performance dramatically.

Call us at (801) 397-0707

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