Employee Evaluation Test

JCM Consulting has a wide variety of testing available, including an employee evaluation test for any situation, problem, or to help determine a possible cost to you that could possibly be avoided with employee evaluation test assessment from JCM Consulting.

The problems listed below are common to almost all organizations. The people at JCM have worked with management in almost every state, Canada, and Australia providing them an employee evaluation test that can help save you money. Over 5OO entities have utilized some of our services to help them with the their most important asset, Employees!

Don't allow a mishap like this happen to you, get an employee evaluation test today!

Promoting the wrong person - Move a good employee to the wrong job or you did not provide adequate management training to use employee's strengths.

Theft - Your employees are working for the agreed upon salary, plus all they can steal. Don't hire dishonest people, use an employee evaluation test from JCM Consulting.

Turnover - Good employees moving to your competitors.

Miscommunication - Between managers. Between management and employees.

Motivation - Lack of purpose and feeling of belonging and loyalty. Poor work ethic.

Teamwork - Lack of understanding of others and inability to conceptualize and achieve a common goal. Don't let this happen with your staff, an employee evaluation test can help!

Morale- Employees are not happy because of company management philosophy.

Sales - Don't hire sales people that can't sell, use an employee evaluation test from JCM.

Hiring - You run an ad and nobody shows up When you do hire someone they just don't work out. Avoid this with an an employee evaluation test from JCM

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