Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Performance Appraisal - PEP OptionsJCM Consulting uses PEP2002 for Windows, which is innovative, comprehensive, and the most objective method of employee performance appraisal available. This evaluation program is designed to be flexible, meaning it applies to virtually every organization and job description. PEP is user- friendly, unique, and flexible, given its ability to implement libraries of employee performance appraisal factors, weights, and standards. The program is the only product that can use computer network entry or template forms. Of significant importance is PEP's ease of conducting an employee performance appraisal.

Our clients are attracted to PEP because it is a more objective, faster solution for the often laborious employee performance appraisal process. No other method can match our objectivity and comprehensiveness at any price. Organizations are motivated to buy our products because of direct cost/benefit analysis. Replacing valued employees, or hiring the wrong employees, are both costly and time consuming - costs our services have proven to reduce. JCM has an established history of increasing organizations' performance.

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