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PEP 2002 - Police Department User Group Meeting

11:00 am - 3:00 pm April 24th 2002

JCM Consulting Training Facility

175 West 200 South, Suite 3006

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

December 1999 Issue

Excerpt Y2K Compliance & Latest Software Versions

Now is the time to ensure you are on our latest programs. Call us to get update information. Please read through the following for software summary, Y2K compliancy, and latest versions.

  • P E P for Win */NT: Our latest Performance Evaluation Program. DOS PEP users need to upgrade to Windows version to be Y2K compliant. We release new versions with enhancements regularly.

  • ASD: Achievement Survey Developer. Gives employees a snapshot of performance on specific factors. ASD is currently in DOS, Windows version will be released in 2000. Watch for this great new program!

  • ASSESS: "Expert System" measures many of the characteristics related to effective performance in professional, managerial, and administrative positions. Must be on latest version: 6.0

  • PDP: A quick and effective method to determine employee personality profiles. Two versions are Y2K compliant: PDP Win 5.04.01a or higher and PDPNet.

  • Orion: An opinion survey to determine a rating on 12 job-relevant factors critical to the hiring decision. Orion's DOS version 4.2 and higher is Y2K compliant. New Windows version is available.

  • $alesMax: Salesforce selection tool. Assists in selecting top performing salespeople. Must be on latest version: 6.0. Select: Associate level preemployment testing. Must be on latest version: 6.0.

  • JCM Training Programs

For the past few years, we have been very happy moving to our latest offices because of the expansive training and testing centers. Each month we utilize our training center for two PEP Train the Trainer sessions and one PDP training session. Many of you may be interested in sending Human Resource managers to the Train the Trainer Certification Program or new managers to our PEP Evaluator Training. Or, you may be interested in sending your managers to the PDP training session. Please read the descriptions of our training programs and our training dates through March 2000. We provide cutting edge training on Performance Management and PDP training sessions.

Call to reserve a seat or, if necessary, to set up a special training date.

PDP (Personality Profile) $500 Per Person Note: You need to purchase an administrator manual. An exciting two day workshop that thoroughly trains top executives and management personnel in the administration, evaluation and implementation of the Pro Scan, Job Scan, and Team Scan Programs. PDP aids the supervisor in achieving maximum potential from employees, and helps identify employee's strengths, so they compliment each other. Its use creates enthusiasm; reduces turnover and job dissatisfaction; and assists in resolution of interpersonal conflicts. This course teaches employers to motivate to achieve results, place people effectively, and adjust work methods to fit people. You will learn how to better interpret the data graph and how to better utilize the many reports generated by the PDP computer programs.

PEP & ASD (Performance Evaluation & Achievement Survey) FOR WINDOWS 95/NT $1200 first person $500 each additional person A two day training session for HR directors, owners or supervisors. This course provides management with a simple, yet innovative, approach to the performance appraisal process. The two programs are used in tandem or individually. Managers will learn how to install and use the PEP & ASD computer aided programs, the art of setting job values, and how to modify job standards. The session also teaches you how to train the management team and implement the programs. We provide overheads, slides, video tapes, and other training aids to help you get the PEP & ASD programs up and running. This course is an essential part of the JCM employee selection and development programs.

PEP Evaluator Training Program (This three hour course is for people who are evaluating others ) $175 Per Person (includes Evaluator Workbook) A three hour course especially designed for executives concerned with employee performance evaluation. Learn about the most comprehensive & fair method of Performance Management. We will also introduce your management personnel to the latest most effective system designed to help reduce employee turnover and improve morale. Subjects covered are:

1. Quantifying performance data.

2. Learn how to document Significant Incidents.

3. Learn how to create Specific Performance Objectives/Goals.

4. Learn how to use the PEP evaluation report to better communicate and motivate your employees.

This is a supplemental course assuming the organization has a fully trained administrator. Program is the morning portion of the Certified Trainer Agenda (day one). For the latest Training dates, please go to Training Schedule in the Products section

Clyde Johnson Speaker at CUNA's 6th Annual HR Council Summit

CUNA, Credit Union National Association, requested Clyde Johnson to conduct two Performance Management Breakout Sessions at their Corporate Culture 2000: Mastering the Credit Union Workforce of the Future. The conference was held from April 12-15, 2000 in San Antonio, TX.

JCM Consulting has been involved in the Credit Union industry for well over 10 years. Our Credit Union clients have used both our employee selection and development tools. With PDP, personality profiling, we have created a model teller profile to assist in applicant matching. For PEP, Performance Evaluation Program, we have developed, with the aid of a number of our long-term Credit Union accounts, a Job Library specifically designed for their industry.

Clyde Johnson speaker at the Reno Nevada MEP convention on October 12th. He covered subjects in the Human Resource area, such as Hiring Tools and Performance Management software.

MEP stands for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

MEP is a nationwide network of not-for-profit Centers in over 400 locations nationwide, whose sole purpose is to provide small and medium-sized manufacturers with the help they need to succeed. The Centers, serving all 50 States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, are linked together through the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. That makes it possible for even the smallest firms to tap into the expertise of knowledgeable manufacturing and business specialists all over the U.S. These are people who have had experience on manufacturing floors and in plant operations. They’ve been where you are today. And they’ve lived to tell about it!


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