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Since 1986 we have provided a quality DOS version of the PEP, Performance Evaluation Program, to many organizations large and small, nationally and internationally. As many of you know, we released our PEP for Windows 9*/NT (and Novell) in the Spring of 1998. Over the past year, we at JCM Consulting have been pleased with the attention PEP is receiving. Many organizations have begun using PEP and are more than satisfied with its abilities.

Complete Flexibility

Because of the flexibility incorporated in our new PEP, it will fill any organization's needs for performance management. Our latest PEP is specifically designed to be flexible, meaning it applies to virtually every job description and organization. This flexibility allows you to create your own job factors and levels of performance or use factors we provide. For some industries, we have built Job Libraries with specific related jobs.

We have Job Libraries for:

  • Credit Unions
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Oil Jobber
  • Radio and TV Stations
  • City and County
  • Generic Business
Even if your industry is not listed, we have a generic library with several jobs and factors. For example, we have Support Staff factors, Managerial factors, etc. Just let us know what type of jobs you have and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Goal Setting

Goal setting has become one of the latest trends in performance management. Many evaluation programs on the market tend to separate goals from performance factors which is an incorrect method. PEP has always had Specific Performance Objectives (SPO) tied to performance factors. If a goal is set for an employee, it is only fair to have it tied to the job description and standards.

For example, an employee needs to work on the job factor of Telephone Skills. The evaluator and the employee create goals for improving Telephone Skills using the SPO. When it is the employee's evaluation time, the evaluator and the employee will see the SPO button lit when at the Telephone Skills factor. Clicking the lit button opens up the SPO the evaluator and employee created. From there, both people can take the SPO and the employee's achievement level and mark the appropriate level of performance.

Tying goals to job performance factors is good common sense; more importantly, it is fair. PEP makes performance management very simple and objective.

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