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Piecing together powerful behavioral pictures

ProScan is a comprehensive tool for the measurement of an individual’s behavioral traits, styles and intensities. ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators, and how environmental factors affect stress, energy and satisfaction level.

ProScan Reports provide:

  • The way a person functions most naturally
  • The role the person feels the need to play
  • How the person predictably comes across to others
  • Satisfaction Level
  • Stress Level Energy Level
  • Energy Styles
  • Decision Making Style
  • Communications Style
  • Leadership Style and more
Managing your organization successfully means knowing your people.

Motivate & understand employees better

ProScan is a precise personality inventory which presents insights into the nature of an individual. With a proven and reliable approach to personality testing and assessment, ProScan can yield valuable information about the basic personality of an individual and how those characteristics will influence how they approach and perform their job. ProScan succeeds in the work place because of its emphasis on the positive aspects of personality traits.

With the help of a personal computer, an employer can use the ProScan program to create a number of detailed personality reports. ProScan can be used to identify personality strengths in current and prospective employees. ProScan provides a written evaluation and a graphical analysis of the responses and together they provide an easy-to-read insight into the important characteristics of employees and applicants.

View ProScan Report (You will need a "FREE" Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

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ProScan offers a comprehensive look at the beneficial characteristics of an employee or candidate, and defines those characteristics in terms of motivators, stressors and decision making practices unique to each individual. The ProScan program not only defines the motivators and stressors but suggests the best ways to implement or alleviate them. Job satisfaction and productivity can be dramatically improved through a better understanding of the key elements that make your employees tick. ProScan provides that understanding.

ProScan can identify important characteristics of management style and ability. It will classify each individual's techniques for approaching projects and decision making. How will this person tackle a new challenge? Will he or she have the energy to take on new tasks or responsibilities at work? Is this person a future manager?

ProScan is used in the selection of employees to ensure a close match between candidates and job requirements. The "matching" process is continued during employment through the appraisal of job performance and effectiveness. ProScan assists managers in better understanding the relationship between individual personality and job performance. Managers learn to use this knowledge through ProScan to increase productivity and reduce turnover and absenteeism.

ProScan has been developed to take advantages to the processing power of your personal computer in conjunction with the established personality inventory system known as DYNAMETRICS. objectivity and confidentiality of the results is assured through the use of ProScan's self-administered surveys.


Match applicants to waiting jobs

Hiring the right person for the job

JobScan defines the behavioral dynamics required for success in a job, as specified by the job’s managers and top performers. JobScan measures and interfaces applicants’ profiles with the profile needed for the work and your management style.

JobScan does not evaluate intellect or experience, but instead deals with the behavior required to succeed in a job. Unlike most conventional hiring methods, PDP’s method matches people and jobs—increasing hiring success and decreasing turnover.

JobScan Reports provide:

  • Management Insight of job behavior
  • How to Advertise to attract qualified applicants
  • Job behaviors for one to be successful
  • Ranking of applicants against job model
  • Job Matching Interviewing guide for structured interviews
JobScan is the solution for successfully fitting people into their most productive positions.

JobScan is a comprehensive job and personality analysis program. It was engineered to assist employers in their search for strong, compatible team and exceptional employees. Through a system of job and candidate assessments, JobScan provides an objective ranking of prospective employees based on personality.

JobScan allows employers to create a profile of the ideal job candidates from two information sources: a management "wish list," describing the desired traits in a new employee; and/or a profile of successful employees. The successful employees would best come from the ranking report obtained from another JCM program, the PEP Performance Evaluation Program. The resulting job analysis outlines the personality traits and strengths desirable in a corporate team member. Applicants for the position are then objectively screened and ranked through the JobScan job profiling procedure.

JobScan matches candidates to job using an objective analysis based on the characteristics of both. The JobScan program, tailored for use with personal computers, can be used to complement existing employee selection procedures, resulting in more effective personnel decision making. The accuracy and objectivity of JobScan ensures that expensive and potentially disruptive selection errors are minimized. And the team you create is effective, compatible and productive.

Central to the JobScan program is the Job Dynamics Analysis (]DA) which analyzes the personality characteristics required to effectively perform a job. This job analysis is combined with the employer's position profile, outlining the characteristics and skills of the desired employee JobScan will not only provide a personality portrait of the definitive candidate for the position, but also produces tips for suggested advertising copy to attract suitable applicants. Your adds will appeal to and attract the kinds of people best suited to your team environment. With JobScan, less of your time will be taken up with resumes and applications and more time will be devoted to putting your new team to work.

View JobScan Reports (You will need a "FREE" Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

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Finding patterns of success instead of randomly fitting pieces together.

Here is the third module of PDP’s integrated management system –TeamScan.

TeamScan is all about knowing the dynamics of your team, work group, project committee and other key areas of your organization. We are not here to do team building per se – we are here to do team work – making your teams work.

TeamScan’s composite behavior profiles describes the collective dynamics, energy and morale of work groups and teams. It can be used to analyze player-to-player or manager-to-player interaction, resolve conflicts and identify stress.

TeamScan can help you discover why one group accomplishes more than another. Learn the distribution of behavior types within the group, the group’s cumulative stress and how environmental factors affect it.

TeamScan Reports provide:

  • Team Dynamics Analysis
  • Team Energy and Stress Analysis
  • How to Communicate Among Team Members
  • Perceptions of Team Members
TeamScan helps you keep your finger on the pulse of each part of your organization.

View TeamScan Analysis Report (You will need a "FREE" Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

View TeamScan Communication Report (You will need a "FREE" Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

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