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P E P 2002

Developed by JCM Consulting, Inc.

PEP Pricing concept

JCM Consulting developed the first version of PEP in 1986. Since then we have made hundreds of improvements to the product. In 1998 we made a major change by changing the product from a computer assisted performance appraisal system, to the most comprehensive employee performance evaluation software system on the market.

We have kept our prices very reasonable throughout the years because of concern that someone may (borrow) some of our ideas and release a competitive product at a lower price.

We had not anticipated that potential competitors could develop very simplistic programs and market them at a much higher price. One rule of thumb in the computer world is that if you could the develop the program yourself for what you paid for a similar program you are paying far too much.

This may surprise you!

There are some organizations that believe you get what you pay for!

To combat this erroneous concept were are allowing our customers to select from two price strategies.

1. Our Fair Price
2. The luxury Price

Luxury: The quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive!

The choice is yours This is a joke!

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