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We at JCM began using personality profiling in 1975 while managing a number of different companies. We have had a relationship with PREP Profile Systems since 1987. The new reports and online features have convinced us to do even more in promoting the PREP program.

Why PREP is Better, Faster with Deeper Insight

PREP is one of the fastest instruments to complete online at less than 5 minutes. This minimal time investment produces comprehensive reports that are rich with reliable information that can be integrated into programs such as executive coaching, teambuilding, leadership training, conflict resolution, selection processes or numerous other applications. The quality of PREP can be summarized by one of our clients who said that her report was “stunningly accurate”. PREP charts and language are easily understood and our clients can use the information immediately. Of course, if you work with one of our Licensed Consultants, they are able to leverage their training and experience to help you get the most from your PREP results.

During the past two decades, PREP has undergone validity studies using original research protocols as well as benchmarking against industry accepted and time tested instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The face validity of PREP ranks among the highest in the assessment industry that generates over $400 million annually. This research has produced a robust, real-time instrument that measures an individual’s current energy, stress, adapted style and motivation as well as their “natural” style that tends to remain relatively constant over time. Therefore, our clients don’t just receive valuable information about their preferences, they can determine the effectiveness of their personal style and self-management skills over time.

PREP’s comparatively low price combined with its high quality information provides our clients with exceptional value. Please contact us for more information. Using state-of-the-art statistical factor analysis, PREP’s 8th grade common reading level adjectives take only 5-7 minutes to generate astonishing insight into one’s current motivation, personality, change readiness and energy reserve. Coaching and hiring assessment interpretation can move directly into action. From PREP’s coaching guide and group charts, planning and developing more effective situational behaviors with the initial interpretation level offered in the reports, become the Manager’s favorite insight tool. PREP’s incredible Job Match report system assists managers in making hiring decisions and pin-point interviewing questions to hire the most qualified soft-skills and personality matched applicant to the position simply and reliably.
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Implementing PREP Into Your Organization

PREP is an integrated profile system of easy-to-use, fully-validated, tools, surveys, software programs and publications designed to assist companies and individuals in understanding and managing current and prospective employees in:
  • Coaching current employees and managers
  • Building teams
  • Selecting and hiring new employees
  • Enhancing Leadership Training and Organizational Development

Our clients begin with the part of the PREP Profile System that helps them resolve their current problems most quickly. However, they soon extend its use organization-wide. Clients have a choice of using our services in the following approaches that best fit their needs


In PREP, the four dimensions measured are based on the works of Hippocrates, Carl Jung, Raymond Cattell, Alfred Adler, Gordon Allport, David Kiersey, Kathryn C. Briggs, Isabel Briggs-Myers, Samuel Houston, and others. All words used in PREP were screened for the highest possible correlation for reliability factors; 94% of the words are eighth grade vocabulary with none higher than a common tenth grade reading level. PREP has undergone a complete validation battery including:

  • Test/Retest PREP scored a strong .91 correlation factor at the .01 level of significance for the profiled factors in a 90-day test /retest reliability study (1984).
  • Cross correlation with Myers-Briggs PREP factors measuring problem solving and communications styles had correlations of .81 and .82 respectively at the .0001 level of significance with Myers-Briggs factors.

PREP features many additional factors not measured by Myers-Briggs.These include: the relaxed/urgent index, the controlling/supporting index, energy level, stress and coping indicators. The following model demonstrates how the MBTI and other Jungian based models cross-correlate to the PREP System.

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