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Prove It! Testing Software

Prove It! solves the customers' need for a knowledgeable and skillful workforce by providing valid and reliable assessment and training

 Features & Benefits
  • Realistic software simulations
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced skills testing
  • Powerful database of all test takers and results
  • Customizable test content and score reports
  • Self scoring
  • Valid tests

  • Software
  • Clerical
  • Technical
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service/Call Center
  • Legal
  • Medical

  • Realistic software simulations
  • Word Processors
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Operating Systems

Internet Delivery
Prove It! is available as an Internet-based solution, allowing delivery of both simulation and multiple choice assessments. Use the subscription service, and pay only for the tests you take.
Software Delivery
LAN and Stand-Alone version of Prove It! are available.
Ease of Use
Prove It! takes very little time to administer. Simply Queue up all of the test you want to administer and Prove It! will do the rest.
Valid Tests
Prove It! tests are content valid.
Versatile Question Sets
Each Prove It! test contains question for a variety of skill levels. You can verify basic skills and ascertain the depth of a test taker's knowledge within the same assessment.
Test Customization
Create tests you need by using the Prove It! question bank. Test for specific sets of skills or design your own benchmark test for basic skills.
Data analysis Tools
The Prove It! Administrator allow you a greater knowledge of the results and test trends in our office. You can generate time-sensitive reports, view a "Hall of Fame", or even create a report of all the test takers who scored above any given percentage.

Prove It! Call Center Tests
Prove It! Call Center Tests have been developed in conjunction with a leading professional training and consulting company who specialize in call center sales, customer service, management coaching and training. The quality of our tests will ensure your call center representatives are qualified in assessing your customers' needs professionally & efficiently. Prove It! Call Center Tests simulate the environment of a call center and measure essential call center skills. Increase your sales and provide the high-quality customer service you're looking for! Prove It! Call Center Suite: Call 801-322-3700 for more details on our brand new offerings Customer Service Survey Data Entry Test (Audio) Listening Skills Test (Audio) State Abbreviations (Audio) Basic Spelling (Audio) Advanced Spelling (Audio) Call Center Environment Test (Audio)

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