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How does SalesMax differ from other sales assessments?

SalesMax is a state-of-the-art, Internet based system that produces work-related narrative reports to assist in the selection of outside or internal candidates for professional sales positions.

It was designed and validated with top performers and built around a consultative sales approach. Web-based, it is easy to use in the field and can be customized to your organization.

The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting at your site. The SalesMax report provides:

  • A Success Index - The probability of the candidate’s success in a sales role
  • Interview and Reference Probes - Helpful guides for the interviewer to follow-up on areas of potential weakness.
  • Management Suggestions - Recommendations for how to manage the candidate if you hire him


Addresses the needs of TODAY's sales organizations
  • Current:
    Designed and validated with top performers in 1997
  • Consultative:
    Built around a consultative sales approach
  • Web based:
    For easy use in the field
  • Customized:
    To your salesforce
  • Better:
    overall job performance

$alesMax is a comprehensive, pre-employment test for sales professionals, developed by organizational psychologists. $alesMax makes the assessment process easy.

Step One

The candidate completes the survey at home, in your office, or in the field.

Step Two

$alesMax scores and interprets the survey results instantly. You get immediate results in your office.

Step Three

$alesMax produces reports written in straightforward, business language.
  • Comprehensive sales assessment
  • Immediate feedback
  • Superior sales results

What it measures:

  • Personality - Success begins with the basic disposition for sales.
    Personality traits are stable characteristics that are not easily changed
    through training. Thus, sales candidates should possess the right personality
    from the start.

    • Energetic
    • Follows-through
    • Optimistic
    • Resilient
    • Assertive
    • Social
    • Expressive
    • Serious Minded
    • Self-Reliant
    • Accommodating
    • Positive About People

    Sales Knowledge - SalesMax measures the candidate's knowledge of effective
    strategies for various sales situations. Experienced candidates should score well
    in this area to be considered for hire. For the inexperienced or poorly trained
    candidate, SalesMax helps you target training needs.

    • Prospecting/Prequalifying
    • First Meeting/First Impressions
    • Probing/Presenting
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Influencing/Convincing
    • Closing

    Sales Motivations - Without proper motivation, even the best candidate
    will fail. The Motivations section of SalesMax will help you gauge the fit
    between the candidate's motivational needs, your supervisory style, and the
    rewards available in your organization.

    • Recognition
    • Control
    • Money
    • Freedom
    • Developing Expertise
    • Affiliation
    • Security
    • Achievement

SalesMax Book

SalesMax Introduction

SalesMax Demo Download

Demo CD available:

This paperless, totally computerized PC-based testing system is designed to evaluate whether your professional sales candidates have the underlying personality to be effective in a consultative sales job. SalesMax also measures the candidate's knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages of the sales cycle and his or her motivational needs.

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