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The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT®) is an accurate measure of general intelligence that allows you to match individuals with positions that best suit their level of mental aptitude. This means there is a better chance that the person you hire will succeed and, in turn, remain with the company longer. The WPT also measures a person's ability to learn and apply that knowledge to new situations.

The WPT takes only 12 minutes to complete and gauges the following:

Learning Ability - Capacity to learn from on-the-job experience and apply these lessons to future situations

Understanding Instructions - Ability to interpret and use verbal or written instructions

Problem Solving - Ability to draw inferences in order to find effective solutions to unexpected problems on the job, or even identify ways to prevent similar occurrences in the future


  • Test your candidate.
  • Score the test using the scoring key that Wonderlic provides in your WPT package. Scoring takes just two minutes. PC version scoring is automatic.
  • Interpret the candidate's test score by comparing it to the minimum score suggested for the job. Suggested WPT scores are available for each of the over 12,000 positions published by the U.S. Department of Labor in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT).

Note: For the same price, the WPT is available to schools in a version called the Scholastic Level Examination (SLE).


Alternate Language Versions

Chinese French
Finnish German
Japanese Korean
Portuguese Russian
Spanish Swedish
Tagalog Vietnamese

English specializations available for Canada and the United Kingdom.

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