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 Strategic Success Modeling (SSM) and ASSESS v2

  Aligning People with Strategy to Achieve Success

The Strategic Success Competency Modeling Process

In response to the growing need for an efficient and effective process to develop competency models that can be easily integrated into employee selection and development programs, the industrial/organizational psychologists and the technologists of Bigby, Havis & Associates developed ASSESS Strategic Success Modeling (SSM).

SSM is a software-aided process designed to define the competencies important for success in a given job. If a model has not been developed or the current model is out-of-date and needs revising, a new or revised model can be developed quickly and easily using the Strategic Success Model building process.

ASSESS Strategic Success Modeling is a process by which an organization, with the facilitation of an SSM consultant, can easily develop a new competency model for a position or group of positions, or can update an existing, outdated model. Model building is initiated with a card-sort process that is facilitated with competency cards and sorting pads for participants.

The overall process is facilitated with computer software that which is easily downloaded from the ASSESS Distributor website. If a model has been previously developed and is current, no formal SSM process is required. The SSM Certified Consultant from JCM Consulting, with input from Human Resources or key managers, can map the existing model directly to ASSESS using a combination of the SSM software and the ASSESS distributor website.

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